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The New Providence Missionary Baptist Church was organized on September 25, 1971, on the second floor of the American Beauty Lodge Hall on Clinton Avenue. The building was rented by the deacons, and Was prepared for service by Deacon Robert Porterfield, Sr. Sister Rosa Mitchell offered prayer at the steps, followed by a song, "Let Jesus Lead You," led by Sister Zecozy Williams. Devotional services Were conducted by the late Deacon Jim Coleman and beacon James Jackson. Sister Elizabeth White led the hymn "Come and Go To That Land." The Scripture was Matthew 4:1-5, and the hymn "Am A Soldier Of The Cross," was led by Deacon Jim Coleman. beacon James Jackson offered prayer. Sister Jessie Jeter led the closing hymn, "One More Time" The devotion Was both spiritual ond enjoyable, with everyone on one accord. Deacon Robert Porterfield, Sr., gave an inspiring talk of the "pitfalls" ahead, and encouraged all the members to stick together. Remarks were given by Deacon Jim Coleman. Six months later, our first pastor, the late Reverend J. M. Allen, was called to pastor on March 12, 1972. Our present location was first observed by Sister Lillie Marie Porterfield, who saw the for sale" sign on the Memorial Chapter Church at 2936 Simmons Drive. This building purchased on August 13, 1972, and was renamed "New Providence Missionary Baptist Church". The name was suggested by Sister Zecozy Williams, and the members all agreed to this name. Our first service was held in the new building on September 5, 1972. The first Sunday School books were given to us by the First Baptist Church, Hayneville, Alabama.

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